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Kuta Bali Hotels - Kuta Central Park Hotel



Spa hotel kuta central park bali

Our Tunjung Spa will pamper your selves after long day with combination between modern and traditional treatment with homemade and natural ingredients. Try our package and enjoy the relaxing lavender beauty package or ladies package and male indulgent especially for a honeymooner. Completed with Jacuzzi accompanied  by a ginger tea to keep your body warm or enjoy the tranquility moment in our  Sauna.

Simple traditional Balinese massage will rejuvenate your body, mind  and soul. A chosen Tunjung Spa traditional treatment while our staff can give you a reflexology treatment on your tired foot.  Nail grooming can be taken with our manicure and pedicure treatment available at  our Tunjung Spa.

Our staff are ready to welcoming you to our spa.