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Kuta Bali Hotels - Kuta Central Park Hotel



Lobby Bar Kuta Central Park

Pool Bar at Kuta Central Park Hotel

You certainly often see poolside bar. However, what about a swimming pool next to the bartender’s table? Pool Bar at Kuta Central Park Hotel provides you with this sensuous experience; allowing you to swim right to the bartender’s table and order your favorite drinks. It is truly the best experience you can get love swim and drink.

Refreshing Swim Up Bar

Our pool bar is a swim up, meaning that the bartender counter is placed on the same level of the pool’s edge. Therefore, you can just directly swim to the bartender table and ask for your favorite beer, gin, cognac or cocktail mixes without leaving the pool at all. The bartender will make your order, give it to you, and you can enjoy the drink while in the pool.

Our Pool Bar is truly a perfect place to enjoy lazy days inside. The swimming pool is located outdoor,so you may enjoy the sun bathing with pool chairs well arrange side the pool to your convenience.

Modern environment will make the experience more pleasant. The drinks are delicious, just as you prefer them, and mixed by our trained bartenders.


Enjoy taking a dip while drinking your favorite beverages at Kuta Central Park Pool Bar, a good place to spend hours of lazy day.