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Kuta Bali Hotels - Kuta Central Park Hotel



Kuta Central Park Dinner

Lotus Pond Cafe at Kuta Central Park, This also a good place to have romantic candle light dinner

A good dining experience is not just about the food, but also the place and atmosphere. At Lotus Pond Cafe, we deliver both delicious meals and comfortable, romantic atmosphere at Kuta Central Park Hotel.

Delicious Menu Options

Enjoy both Indonesian and Western cuisines at Lotus Pond Cafe, cooked by professional chefs and served in modern style without losing their authentic flavor. From Indonesian style grilled chicken to steak and soup variations, this is where you can have culinary adventure with your family, friends or your loved one. Buffet style breakfast is available here as facility for guests.

Our bar offers fine selection of beverages, spirits and wine to complement your meal. All services are provided by our trained chefs, cooks, bartenders and servers.

 Comfortable, Contemporary Environment

 Lotus Pond Cafe has combinations between modern and traditional style design, creating clean and contemporary look. The semi-open air invites fresh breeze, making your dining time feel more special. This is also a good place to have romantic dinner with candles.

You don’t need to go far to enjoy delicious food, at Kuta Central Park Hotel, we offer culinary adventure for you without leaving the hotel vicinity. Enjoy free breakfast, good lunch with family and friends, and dinner with your loved one amidst contemporary surrounding at Lotus Pond Cafe.